Fuel-efficient vehicles have seen explosive growth; they are now the fastest growing segment in automotive sales and are at the forefront of both President Bush’s and Obama’s energy reform policy. “Green” vehicle sales topped $5.5 billion in 2007 alone, partially due to the increased media coverage of fuel-efficient vehicles. Consumers clearly prefer purchasing vehicles that get over 50-mpg, and that only need fueling every seven hundred miles. With the “carbon footprint” a growing commodity and concern amongst consumers, many want to know that their new vehicle only required half of the current energy consumption and materials needed to build their current vehicle.  Global-E designs and builds green vehicles, that offer 10,000 miles between oil changes, don’t use water, require no spark plug changes, create no smelly pollutants, have a super low carbon footprint, and still have the look and feel that today’s consumers expect to see from four and five passenger vehicles.

*The Bremach USA CNG electric hybrid truck was one of many projects completed.

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