Advisory Panel

Our guidance panel is comprised of not just aerospace, automotive and manufacturing engineers, but successful entrepreneurs, business management professionals primarily here in the United States. The panel assists with the yearly amending of the business plan, project plans of actions, value stream maps, ethics and compliance.

Code of Ethics and Compliance

Global-E's Code of Ethics is the foundation of our business culture. That culture contains a mandatory ethics component regarding performance appraisals. Global-E’s members are required to mitigate compliance risks and improve ethics scores. Each member should endeavor to deal fairly with the Company's customers, suppliers, competitors and employees. No employee should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practice.

Carl Guichard  25 years in Aerospace Engineering in management and project management for the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and C-17 Flight Test Programs, Design Engineering and Boeing’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program, Project Manager for the Boeing Delta IV Launch vehicle’s booster test firing project at Stennis Space Center. He was chosen to support the Space Shuttle Program’s Return to Flight effort after the Columbia accident. As the Founder of Global-E he has brought together our team of engineers and business professionals to bring ultra efficient passenger vehicles to market using cutting edge assembly processes and proven business strategies.

 In memoriam - Roger Nagy is a Retired IT Director of Consolidated Natural Gas Inc. one of the leading natural gas supply companies throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. With a Master’s in Energy Resources from the University of Pittsburgh Engineering College, he led the company into the digital age and helped continually improve the company’s performance by keeping them ahead of the competition. Currently he resides on the board of directors for the Pittsburgh based 130-year-old William Penn Association.

William Hamp Stewart  He has been managing production assembly operations for The Boeing Company and Rockwell Aerospace with over twenty years centered on lean assembly of high tech launch vehicle assemblies. His team will define and maintain control of assembly level processes, procedures, maintaining foreign object damage control and still maintaining the same production rates needed for this fast past assembly line.

Blair Touchard has been the CEO/Owner since 1994 of TFX web/net an Internet Solutions, Marketing and Branding company. Has worked with various local, regional and international companies on web-based solutions, online marketing, and strategic advertising campaigns. Blair has developed and supported marketing and advertising efforts and special promotions for Binora Pharmaceutical Corporation, Pat Benatar, and Tech Supply & Services . Blair was previously Director of Marketing of Sports & Recreation Incorporated in Florida and a manager at Hilton Hotels in New Orleans.

Currently, Blair leads our local, regional and international marketing efforts, as well as communications and media relations.

Dr. Jeffery Guichard  has been involved in Test & Evaluation Engineering for Boeing’s C-17, the B-2 bomber program and the F/A-22 fighter program. As adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix and Webster University, Dr. Guichard teaches business and organizational leadership classes at both the graduate and undergraduate levels for ethics, corporate & social responsibility, organizational change, and global entrepreneurship. He is also involved with the International Conference on Autonomous Learning and Self-Directed Learning at Oxford University, United Kingdom.

  Gregory Nagy   Nuclear Physicist (30 years)

Henry Carrigee and his firm Carrigee, Moore and Levy (Finance Management) He has been managing partner of the firm of Carrigee Moore & Levy, LLP since its inception in 1998.  He is also a partner in Advanced Business Systems, LLC, a high tech software company partnered with Microsoft with expertise in the world’s best business solutions. His practice concentrates primarily in the area of technology with the design and implementation of computer based and manual accounting systems.


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