As most people can attest, if you have a dream or desire to change something for the better, let’s say the world, the passion you posses is not necessarily infectious. You will more than likely find it rather difficult to quickly find followers; they need to be motivated and taught to see your vision. They need to be nurtured until they come into a full understanding of the same frame of reference that you have for the project. This sociological norm holds true whether we are talking about educating our children, teaching at a University, desiring to fly across the Atlantic for the first time, building a hyper-mileage car or trying to help someone understand God. It takes time and wisdom in teaching to get the prospective student to eventually become the teacher, the master. So, do you want to proceed through life constantly being the student or would you rather take some of those years of education, those years of hands-on experience and put them to use training the next generation. When life is over can you say that you gave it your-all and assisted others to see and understand the same wonderful things that you have been allowed to see?

Well, we at Global-E intend to educate as we proceed. We are focused on our design, we are focused on our business and we are focused on winning the competition but we are simultaneously going to touch and change lives as we proceed bringing these vehicles to production. This parallel focus will require changing the world’s view of energy usage, of environmental conservancy, and how these considerations need to be designed into the product from the start. This will therefore require the changing of the world one mind, ten minds, and 100 minds at a time. Surely we are determined, goal oriented, task driven and moving towards those other things, but if by the end of this competition we are only able to design, build and bring to production a 95 mpg vehicle with only an initially production rate of nine thousand vehicles a year, at least we will also be able to say that we have changed the perspectives of several hundred students, several thousand businessmen and investors, and several hundred thousand drivers who are then going to venture forth into the rapidly expanding world and teach everyone else. They will be armed with a different view of what their life-long goals should be. 

Part of the way in which we are achieving these goals is through partnerships, the synergistic leveraging of support for the University of New Orleans, the New Orleans inner-city school Delgado Community College, the University of Florida and a still to be disclosed University. While we are investing funds, they are returning with research and data. While we are investing labor in teaching and mentoring, they are investing the energy spent uploading that knowledge into their brains, the portable computers they will use designing the technologies of the future.

We are advertising two other notable organizations on our web site that deserve more attention than they are currently receiving. Mentor Net and Global E3 two groups that are devoted to supporting the world’s populace. If you would like to make the difference in the world but are not sure of how to directly support a Grammar school, High school, or College/University then please support these institutions with your funds through us. You can make a world of a difference and we can be the hands of implementation.


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